Que ce soit à travers l'agence Toulouse, l'agence Rhône-Alpes ou l'agence Ile-de-France, NEXIO organise et participe à des évènements tout au long de l'année autour de différents thèmes.

NEXIO GROUP fait partie des 10 PME européennes sélectionnées pour participer au projet SHAPE

 mardi 19 novembre 2013 vendredi 27 juin 2014Evènements


SHAPE (SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe) is a new pan-European programme supported by PRACE. The Programme aims to raise awareness and provide European SMEs with the expertise necessary to take advantage of the innovation possibilities created by HPC, thus increasing their competitiveness.

The programme will deploy progressively a set of complementary services towards SMEs such as information, training, access to expertise (domain science as well as applied mathematics and HPC) for co-developing a concrete industrial project to be demonstrated using PRACE HPC resources.

ENTARES Engineering (filiale NEXIO GROUP), France > CAPITOL-HPC+
ENTARES Engineering is a French SME developing electromagnetism simulation software to study the electromagnetic behavior of products during the design, before the manufacturing phase. This project aims to validate a quick and easy parallel simulation tool that can be operated at an early stage of system design, with a controlled level of accuracy. In addition, a commercial offer for this software environment, such as pay-per-use scheme, developing a partnership with a computing center to propose a service, will be investigated.

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