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Training : Electromagnetic compatibility of integrated circuits

 lundi 27 janvier 2014 mercredi 29 janvier 2014Evènements


Program focus
This three days course presents the challenges for electromagnetic compatibility of integrated circuits. A set of basic concepts is proposed as an introduction, covering specific units, parasitic impedance of interconnects, origin of noise, noise margins, time/frequency conversion and 50  adaptation. The second focus concerns parasitic emission, how to design low emission circuits and how to measure the IC emission using standard IEC 61967 methods. A third topic concerns susceptibility, with focus on measurement methods (IEC 62132) and hardware/software techniques to improve immunity to interference. The fourth part is related to modeling approaches for predicting EMC (IEC 62433), based on standards such as IBIS, ICEM and ICIM. Finally, roadmaps and future challenges are briefly reviewed : 3D-IC Benefits & Technology as well as 3DIC EMC are addressed the third day. Illustrations of these concepts are made using IC-EMC, a freeware including unique features and tools for efficient EMC simulations of integrated circuits.

IC users, IC designers, Students in electronics and IC design, Researchers in CMOS design.


Day 1 (Jan.27,2014)
EMC of ICs – An Overview
- EMC Basics concepts
- Measurement methods
- Practical session

Day 2 (Jan.28,2014)
- EMC Models
- EMC Guidelines
- EMC Challenges
- Practical session

Day 3 (Jan.29,2014)
- 3D-IC benefits & Technology
- Practical training

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