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Agreement with NEXIO Makes AR Single Source Provider of EMC Solutions05 Nov 2019 Amplifier Research (AR) has added a significant component to its offerings for the EMC market. AR has been appointed an exclusive distributor of NEXIO products and services, when incorporated as part of a turnkey solution. With the addition of this suite of NEXIO products, AR is now a one-stop total solutions provider for the Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing market. Plus d'infos...

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  • /actualites-fr/revue-de-presse-fr/event/231-formation-sur-les-fondamentaux-et-regle-de-conception-des-89Formation sur les fondamentaux et règle de conception des équipements - Paris (28-04-2020)
  • /actualites-fr/revue-de-presse-fr/event/244-formation-pour-comprendre-les-essais-cem-toulouseFormation pour comprendre les essais CEM - Toulouse (16-06-2020)
  • /actualites-fr/revue-de-presse-fr/event/246-formation-sur-les-fondamentaux-et-regles-de-conception-des-74Formation sur les fondamentaux et règles de conception des cartes électroniques (niveau 1) - Paris (23-06-2020)
  • /actualites-fr/revue-de-presse-fr/event/201-nexio-will-participate-in-the-2019-ieee-symposium-on-electroNEXIO will participate in the 2020 IEEE + SIPI, RENO - NV (USA) (27-07-2020)