NEXIO participe à des salons autour de la Compatibilité Electromagnétique tout au long de l’année.

NEXIO will participate in EMC Europe - Amsterdam

 lundi 27 août 2018 jeudi 30 août 2018Salons et Séminaires


NEXIO will hold the Conference " Prediction of Electronic Board Radiated Emissions from Near Field Characterization ".

Wednesday, 29/Aug/2018: 11:00am - 12:30pm

Samuel LEMAN1, Rachid OMAROUAYACHE1, Frédéric HOEPPE1, Alexandre PICHE2

1NEXIO, France; 2Airbus Defence and Space, France

This paper presents the post-processing methodology devoted to Near-Field Measurement (NFM) to provide assistance in the EMC design phases of complex electronics products.

The major Airbus Defence and Space challenge for incoming year concerns the control of units radiated emissions (RE). High speed links induce more and more Radiated Emissions (RE) non-conformities for units in on-board receiver frequencies (ex: GPS L1, GPS L2, S-band TCR…). Huge amount of non-conformances, additional test campaigns to recover acceptable levels and system level analysis require a dedicated NF extrapolation methodology to decrease the number of RE tests at unit level.

Based on measurements of the two tangential components of magnetic fields Hx and Hy very close to the device, the proposed “NFS2RE” methodology allows:

The estimation of the four remaining components Hz, Ex, Ey and Ez in Near-Field (NF) region. (These sensitive components are more difficult to measure).

The extrapolation of EM fields for each frequency f at a distance d from the board (d=1m for RE test).

The methodology proposed in this paper is based on the Planar Wave Spectrum (PWS) representation of fields adapted to the EMC problematic. A focus on the sensitive parameters of the algorithm are discussed especially concerning spectrum and spatial resolution optimisation based on adaptive Zero Padding (ZP) technique.

Two radiating electric and magnetic antennas are used to validate the proposed algorithm based on comparison with “3D” simulation results which overcome measurement environment problems. A microstrip line experimental test case is then measured in both NF and RE conditions to validate the extrapolation method.


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