Based on the innovative measurement, analysis and post-processing methodologies from EPEA project ( NEXIO industrializes the use of its 3D Near-Field Scanner and supports the design of electronic circuits evaluating their behavior in terms of EMC.

Through a high precision robotics system, an optimized automation and many post-processing functions, NEXIO provides the fields mapping produced by your equipment, identifies specific sources and has an invaluable tool to develop and test solutions to reduce conducted and radiated emissions.



  • Investigate non-compliance observed by identifying specific sources of disturbance
  • Adjust constraints

  • Evaluate non regressions through design changes or components obsolescence

  • Characterize the leakage of a shield

  • Optimize the placement IC/PCB or PCB/Box

  • Constitute components or cards databases

  • Calculate the field distribution

  • Consolidate, support, supply the modeling and numerical simulation