Simulation softwares

5 Reasons to choose CAPITOLE-RCS

  • Fast: ACA compression and parallelization allow to speed up the calculation

    • Accurate: Fully validated with measurement results on real mock-up
    • Innovative: New method from research labs
    • Powerful: Compute very large models
    • Easy: Dedicated graphical user interface with modern layout


Software resulting from innovative projects
A-SEAD (2010-11)

  • Method  ACA for matrix compression
  • Validation with measures in CHEOPS database (DGA CELAR)
CAPITOLE-EM (2012-14)
  • Volume methods for dielectric and absorbent materials to radar waves
  • Validation with measures in anechoic chamber
CAPITOLE-HPC (2012-13)
  • Solver on cluster for largest targets
DESIGNER Component :
  • Geometry Importation from CAO Software (format IGES, STEP)
  • Mesh generation
  • Parameters setting for the analysis :mono-static or bi-static methods
  • Materials Definition: Dielectric, absorbent or conductive materials
  • Angles Definition impact (Azimuth and  raising) following 2 methods: « conical cut » or « great circle »
  • Polarization: V, H and cross


  • Based on Method of Moments (MoM)
  • Elements with Volume and Surface
  • Matrix Compression: algorithm Adaptive Cross Approximation (ACA)
  • Solver direct Multi-Scale Compressed Blocks Decomposition (MS-CBD)
  • Multi-impact optimization



  • Standard  license
  • License with Customized development


  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Training
POSTPRO3D Component:
  • RCS  Results Analysis
  • Frequency response
  • Polar and Cartesian 2D Graphs
  • Superposition of curves, annotations
  • Hologram’s display
  • ISAR Image processing
  • Impulse Response Calculation  
  • Surface Current’s display
  • Exported image
  • Exported results in CSV format

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