Simulation softwares

CAPITOLE-EM software allows to study the electromagnetic behavior of your products in order to test your designs before the manufacturing phase. The simulation allows you to reduce the number of prototypes needed before launching your production and thus reduce your costs.

It includes three offers:

  • standard license,
  • agile personalized license by a specific development,
  • license increased by a study carried out by our engineers.

CAPITOLE-EM simulates electromagnetic fields from radiating devices such as antennas and their interactions with the structure (plane, car, frigate...). With a modern and intuitive graphical interface, it can be used in a wide variety of applications and provides fast and accurate results. Two modules: ANTENNA and RCS are currently available and can meet your needs in these application areas.

The new solver ACA-CBD, based on the compression matrix, resulting from innovation projects supported by the DGA, is 10 times faster than conventional methods and without loss of accuracy and without any convergence problem.


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