NEXIO provides a range of simple or packaged services to support you in the design phases of a project by considering  component, PCB, equipment and system.


  • Design assistance:  The eye of an expert for a succesful EMC design.
                                - Risks analysis
                                - Design analysis
                                - Design rules
                                - Design monitoring
                                - Optimization
                                - Methodological guide
                                - Pre-qualification testing

  • EMC Testing: Complete means for pre-qualification testing.





  • /en/component/allevents/display/event/default/158-nexio-group-will-participate-in-the-emv-exhibit-at-koln-en?Itemid=216NEXIO will participate in the EMV exhibit at Köln (GERMANY) (17-03-2020)
  • /en/component/allevents/display/event/default/261-nexio-ieee-45-1?Itemid=216NEXIO will participate in the 2020 IEEE + SIPI, RENO - NV (USA) (27-07-2020)