Numerical modeling and simulation in all phases of a project.

According to the current technical evolution, "Modeling and Simulation" completes NEXIO activities. Complementary to our testing expertise, it allows, among others, to reduce the amount of tests carried out, to favor upstream work, to perform predictive analysis, to optimize the design…



  • Consultants profiles: Technician, Engineer, Expert.

  • Multi-softwares skill: CAPITOLE-EM, CST Studio (Microwave, EM, Cable, PCB, Design...), FEKO, ASERIS (FD, BE, NET, HF), Spice, IC-EMC, EMC-CNES, ANSYS (HFSS, SIWAVE…).

  • "Testing" skills proximity: « Simulation » consultants may rely on a NEXIO environment which is heavily steeped in testing. Essential element to strengthen and support their hypothesis and results.

  • Means: Softwares and means of intern and partner simulation, intern and partner EMC laboratory, 3D Near field Scanner, Gyroscan...
  • Application fields: EMC, RF, Lightning




  • /en/component/allevents/display/event/default/261-nexio-ieee-45-1?Itemid=333NEXIO will participate in the 2020 IEEE + SIPI, RENO - NV (USA) (27-07-2020)