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EVT263015-64mmWave Correlator26GHz-30GHz

EVT263015-64mmWave Correlator

26GHz-30GHz Dual Port RF Receiver & Down Converter

Easy to use



Value for money


USB SCPI style interface

Fast data transfer

Windows GUI for plug and playfunctionality with scripts for complex automated test routines.

Field upgradable software andregular firmware releases.

Field upgradable software andregular firmware releases.

RF features

2 common ports

64 switched ports

Dual Synchronized Downconverter 26-30 GHz to 1-5 GHz.

Low loss from 16 kHz to 30 GHz

Unselected ports terminated

High power handling

High linearity

High isolation

Zero drift

Oven controlled for repeatable performance

Fast switching

The EVT263064is a fastRF-Correlatorwith USB controlled crossover switch-matrixthat can switch any of two common ports to any of 64 input/outputports. Itfeatures a full crossover capability allowing any switching combinationtobe selected, while supporting bi-directional RF paths from 16 kHz to 30 GHzwith low insertion loss. Each port is DC blocked and can withstand up to 16V. On the lower section is a dual downconverter module. This module has an adjustable LO that is by default 25 GHz. The RF input ports down convert 26 to 30GHz into 1 to 5 GHz. The pair of RF and IF ports are perfectly synchronized in frequency and phase. Harmonics and unwanted spurious are filtered out.

The downconverter features dual adaptable LNAs with configurable gain and filtering. The gain can be adjusted from +40 to -40dB range. The slope and filter can be adjusted as required. The unit has an IF gain stage of +20dB which is able to pull signals out of the noise and facilitate measurement using oscilloscope, spectrum analyzers and other test equipment. The conversion gain is flat over the band and the are no spurs present within 60dBc carrier and non-carrier related.

Typical measurement performance

Typical measured performance for isolation, match and insertion loss is shown. Path lengths are well matchedfor all ports, ensuring identical performance for them and accurate cross-correlation measurement capabilities. The EVT263015-64accepts a simple command set over its USB virtual serial port and the unit can be up and running very quickly with minimal effort.

The switching speed with USB is dependent on the host computer. The EVT263015-64 switching may settle within 10s. However, when the switching is driven by a host PC may, this is typically slowed down to 1ms. If faster speeds are required,a pre-determined sequence can be loaded in and TTL triggering can be used to sweep through the switching sequence.



  • Programable and versatile 
  •  Easy to use

  • Compatible with LabVIEW, Matlab, C and other environments 

  • USB interface 
  • External and Internal trigger with programable switch sequences 

Mechanical details

  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Portable and rugged 
  • Mounting screws 
  • EMC shielded 


  • USB SCPI style interface 
  • Fast data transfer 
  • Field upgradable software and regular firmware releases. 
  • Matlab / Labview Drivers 
  • Windows GUI for plug and play functionality with scripts for complex automated test routines. 

Turnkey solutions

We have many customers who require a complete turnkey test solution. We can implement new firmware commands to enable custom measurements to be completed at the hardware level. See the following pages for examples of where a turnkey implementation was used. 

If you require anything just a little bit different to what is here, please get in touch – we may be able to make or modify it for you. 

Main specifications

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