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Products – measuring systems

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our raison d'être!

Transform electromagnetic waves
and their constraints in terms of added value for our customers.


Based on innovative measurement, analysis and post-processing methods from the EPEA research project (, NEXIO industrializes near-field EMC measurements with a 3D scanner.

NEXIO is the first company to have industrialized a complete range of products for near-field measurement, capitalizing on the results accumulated during our work on various research projects (EPEA, PCB, SEISME).

This product range includes:

BAT-SCANNER: A high precision 3D robotic measuring bench.
BAT-SCAN : An advanced software for the control and automation of near-field measurement bench.
NFSViewer : A software dedicated to the analysis and post-processing of measurement and simulation data in near field.

Thanks to this new range of tools, NEXIO brings you real solutions to reduce your design, qualification and maintenance time for electronic boards and equipment.

The near-field scanner, BAT-SCANNER, is driven by our test automation software BAT-SCAN.


Design phase :
-> Locate and reduce sources
-> Optimize placement and routing
-> Help with technological choices
-> Building databases
-> Investigate EMI defects
Series life phase :
-> Check for non-regressions
-> Manage obsolescence
-> Capitalize on the experience feedback
Production phase :
-> Characterize leaks
-> Evaluate subcontractors and 2nd source
-> Control manufacturing