NEXIO participe à des salons autour de la Compatibilité Electromagnétique tout au long de l’année.

NEXIO will participate in European Microwave Week - Madrid, Spain

 dimanche 23 septembre 2018 vendredi 28 septembre 2018Salons et Séminaires


NEXIO will present the publication "Simulation of Near Field RCS to Reproduce Measurement Condition".

Date and time: Thursday 27th September 11h30



Different approaches are presented to simulate the near field Radar Cross Section (RCS) of a perfectly conducting electrically large object. This type of environment is usually found in measurements at large anechoic chambers where the far field condition cannot be achieved, making it impossible to approximate the incident field by a planewave. Each approach will be implemented with Physical Optics (PO) for extremely large targets and an accelerated version of the Method of Moments for moderately large objects. The fast MoM method are either the Multilevel Adaptive Cross Approximation (MLACA) for an iterative solution or the Multiscale Compressed Block Decomposition (MSCBD) for a direct solution. This development and the performed simulations have been done with CAPITOLE-RCS commercial software developed by NEXIO. Keywords — Numerical simulation, radar cross-sections, method of moments, physical optics, anechoic chambers, inverse synthetic aperture radar.


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