Our mission : To transform electromagnetic waves and their constraints into added value for our customers.

Our goal : To generalize and to facilitate the use of methods and electromagnetism tools in order to enhance products quality and ensure their "time to market".

In 2012, the group consists of 2 complementary companies : NEXIO and NEXIO SIMULATION.

Thanks to this association, NEXIO has today established itselfs as a leading provider of testing, design and simulation problems in the field of electromagnetism.

Based on a long term vision, NEXIO pursues an innovation strategy  and an international development one.The group is now operating in more than 25 countries.

The customers can be SME's as well as major group from the automotive, industry, aeronautics, space and electronics fields.

NEXIO's team is staffed with over forty multi-domain and multi-software specialists for teh support of your overall project.




  • NEXIO historical :

It was in 1995 that BAT-EMC 1.0 was released and lead to the creation in 2003 of the NEXIO company, specialist in electromagnetism.

Thanks to its strategy of development, the initial activity focused only on softwares, extended over the years to testing, design and simulation.

In 2006, NEXIO enters the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster and participate, as a member of the steering committee, to its first collaborative R&D project, the EPEA project.


  • NEXIO SIMULATION historical :

NEXIO SIMULATION, previously named ENTARES Engineering, was created in July 2005 in Toulouse by engineers from major French industrial groups in the aeronautics and space field.

Electromagnetic simulation software creator and developer, the company has for flagship product CAPITOLE-EM.

Innovation in resolution methods has always been a key element of its strategy.

It was after 4 years of cooperation with NEXIO in R&D projects that NEXIO SIMULATION becomes, in 2012, a subsidiary of the NEXIO group.