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BAT-SCANNER – measuring systems


Design analysis by measurement

As a pioneer and market leader in the treatment of electromagnetic waves, NEXIO has used its experience and know-how to develop BAT-SCANNER. It helps in the design of electronic circuits by evaluating their behavior from an EMC point of view.

Locating the cause of a problem is 80% of the problem resolution.

100% of users are satisfied with a solution, a better knowledge of their product and short and medium term improvement paths.



0,1 mm Speed max 1m/s

Measurement volume:

500 x 500 x 400 mm


11,2 kg

Effective measuring accuracy:

0,1 mm

Built-in camera;

high resolution 4K

Sensor protection system

Automation with BAT-SCAN

NEXIO has developed an industrial software adapted to measurements made with a scanner system. BAT-SCAN adapts to all robotic systems and offers you a multitude of dedicated functions. BAT-SCAN is the first software compatible with the IEC61967-1-1 standardized format, which allows the exploitation of the results in your numerical simulation software.
BAT-SCAN benefits from the advantages of BAT-EMC, leader in EMC test automation software: technical support, web portal, maintenance and a library of instrument drivers.

Modeling & Simulation

The NEXIO team has implemented the necessary functionalities to automate vector measurements, allowing a direct link with the EMC simulation tools on the market.
These parameters, in addition to new post-processing functions, enable the digital model of the EST to be delivered at the end of the test campaign and to perform additional analysis by simulation.
These models will be particularly appreciated by system designers wishing to have the EMC properties of the subassemblies that make up the system as accurately and realistically as possible.

Discover BAT-SCANNER in video


7 reasons to use BAT-SCANNER:

Reduces the number of days of qualification tests through pre-qualification.

Reduces investigation time and costs of corrections, finds and locates risks and causes of problems: detects errors, finds causes...

Control the performance of products and their evolution, real-time analysis of EMC performance, help to understand the phenomena, impact of a shielding, a filter ...

Maintenance of product quality and obsolescence, quick, precise and reproducible comparison, help in the choice of solutions, components, obsolescence, economic gain ...

Transportable for confidentiality and teamwork.

Collaborative by its mobility and its visual representation for all the professions of a project.

Accurate, Fast and Easy to use and analyze: Can be used by everyone, no need to have EMC knowledge.

Solutions for industrials:

ecline constraints at the level of board and sub-assembly specifications, but also check the resistance to radiated constraints.

Evaluate non-regressions in the context of design changes or component obsolescence.

Characterize the leaks of a shield (localization, quantification ...) and evaluate the impedance mismatch of the tracks of a PCB ...

Optimize component-card or box-card placement in order to reduce autoimmunity phenomena.

Build databases of components or boards in order to analyze the competition, 2nd source, new technologies ...

Calculate the field distribution at any distance using near-field to far-field transformation techniques.

Supporting, shoring, feeding modelling work, and numerical simulation (creation of ray model).