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NEXIO – WEBINAR “Monitoring during immunity tests”

You are invited to participate in 2 webinars dedicated to monitoring, organized by the NEXIO product team (english version). On this occasion, we will present the different tools available in the BAT-EMC software, allowing you to control your equipment during the immunity tests and to make changes during the execution of the test. The webinars will be on GoToWebinar, in live and free by registration.

Moderator: Maxime Blin
BAT-EMC software developer

Webinar 1 "Monitoring during immunity tests"

19/10/20214:00pm CEST45 minutes
// What is monitoring?
// Associate an immunity test with monitoring
// Perform a simple measurement with a measurer
// Manage the performance of several voltage and/or current measurements in parallel
// You need to activate a device or a function during the test to change the mode or configuration. Is this possible? How do you do it?
// You want to develop your own control and monitoring interface (Labview, Vee, C++, C#)
// Check the transmission quality of a mobile phone

Webinar 2 "Monitoring during immunity tests"

9/11/20214:00pm CET45 minutes
// Check your EUT with an oscilloscope and use its measurement or calculation functions
// Monitor a dashboard with numerous indicators
// Control a video during your tests
// Your EUT communicates on the CAN bus and you wish to monitor and transmit parameters on the bus.
// You use software such as CANOE or CANalyzer. How can they be associated with the EMC test?
// Automate the control of the eCall communication