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Test planning (BAT-Manager)

Management of tests, schedules and HR


Put your tests, schedules and resources under control

With its BAT-EMC, BAT-ELEC… range, NEXIO has been present since 1995 in major EMC testing laboratories in France, Germany, Europe, USA and Asia. The positioning of BAT-EMC is clearly that of laboratories with high quality requirements (COFRAC – ISO 17025…), needs for efficiency and continuous improvement.
BAT-MANAGER completes the range by offering collaborative software for the centralized management of data and laboratory activities.

Added values

Centralize EMC test information (no more multiple files)
Simplify processes (Workflow) by respecting the QMS
Sharing information
Optimize test preparation time
Validation by measurements
Measure performance (indicators, statistics)
Gain in efficiency

Efficient management

Management of staff availability and assignment of missions
Instant verification of room availability and testing facilities
Synchronization with several test automation software including BAT-EMC

Main functions

Management of test requests
Process management
Resource management (materials, equipment, etc.)
Team management (1*8.2*8.3*8)
Project progress
Project reporting (metrics / indicators

BAT-MANAGER, a scalable solution

Use a web-oriented tool:
– Ergonomic
– Widely customizable
– Collaborative
– Connected / Connectable via “web services” to other tools
Secure / Reliable information :
– Customizable access level according to user profiles
– No more multiplicity of files to version / maintain
– Reduces the loss of online information since “everything” is now traceable
Can be integrated to adapt the solution or meet new needs:
– addition of fields by the user
– Possibility to develop your own “plugins”.


Automatic creation of BAT-EMC projects from BAT-MANAGER requests
Return of the progress of the projects in BAT-MANAGER at the end of each execution in BAT-EMC
Automatic generation of test summaries

An experienced and specialized team

NEXIO is the only software editor specialized in EMC, RF and ELEC test management.
NEXIO is a dedicated team that provides delivery, support, training and deployment in France and worldwide.
NEXIO is the guarantee of having the best for your laboratory proven by 20 years of continuous improvement of our solutions.
NEXIO is a network of 1,000 BAT-EMC users worldwide and 40 employees in the Engineering department who carry out EMC tests, monitor test campaigns, write EMC test plans, etc.

100% WEB, Tablet, Smartphone, ergonomic, durable and scalable

Ease of use because it uses the latest standards in terms of ergonomics.
Optimizes and simplifies the use of the software without the constraints of a client application:
– allows the use on remote site
– allows use on mobile devices
– allows you to run the software internally on your servers or in hosted mode (Cloud)
Adaptability to the operation of the laboratory either by parameterization or programming
Inter-connectivity with other tools (ERP, GED, BAT-EMC…)

3 reasons to choose BAT-MANAGER

100% WEB compatible tablet, ergonomic, durable and scalable.
An offer customizable to your needs with a competitive price.
A team experienced in EMC testing and IT development.

System requirements

Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari… Database: MySQL, SQL-SERVER, ORACLE… Operating System: Windows Server