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CAPITOLE-RF: Simulation software

the characteristics of your antennas and optimize their placement on a structure


The NEXIO range of simulation software allows to estimate the RF performance of a product during the design phase prior to its realization, but also to estimate the impact of modification on an existing product.

With a modern and intuitive graphical interface, it can be used occasionally by non-specialists in a wide variety of applications and provides fast and accurate results.

CAPITOLE-RF is powered by the latest generation of solvers from the NEXIO innovation cluster.

CAPITOLE-RF can calculate the characteristics of an antenna (gain, impedance, etc.) to optimize its design.

CAPITOLE-RF allows to optimize the placement of antennas on a structure (box, aircraft, vehicle, IOT…).

Discover the main functions of CAPITOLE-RF

Calculation of the radiation pattern (Gain, Directivity)

Calculation of the radiated power

Fitting calculation (Impedance, S11)

Calculation of the electric field (E) and magnetic field (H)

Decoupling calculation

Import of CAD files

3D Modeling


Definition of material properties

Display of 2D curves in polar and cartesian

3D diagram display

User benefits - CAPITOLE-RF

A straight forward software

only for antennas, with a refined graphical interface

Powerful solvers

based on the reference method ``Method of Moments`` (MoM)

A synergy with the NEXIO RF engineering pole

at your disposal to support you in its use

A training offer

Accompaniment on user site



  • Simulate an antenna on PCB to know its adaptation
  • Optimize its dimensions for better performance.
  • Simulate an antenna to calculate its radiation pattern.
  • Evaluation of the impact of the material of a case that must encapsulate a product with an integrated antenna.
  • Compare the different results.
  • Calculate the radiation pattern of an aeronautical antenna placed on the aircraft fuselage under flight conditions.