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Near field scanner


NEXIO industrializes the use of the 3D Near Field Scanner which helps in all stages of design, production and maintenance of electronic circuits and equipment.

NEXIO has drawn on its expertise in automation and its development structure to develop industrial software adapted to measurements made with a scanner. BAT-SCAN adapts to all robotic systems and benefits from the advantages of BAT-EMC, leader in EMC test automation software.



Flexibility : BAT Scan is open and can be integrated into most multi-axis robotic systems.
Features: A wide range of dedicated functions to make the most of near field measurements
Innovative: 1st automation and post-processing software for near-field measurements
Ergonomics: A graphical interface designed to facilitate the preparation, execution and management of the tests.
Compatibility: BAT Scan allows the results to be used in your numerical simulation software and has a standardized data exchange format.