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EMC | Lightning | ESD services

Transform electromagnetic waves and their constraints into added value for our customers.


You need :

To make electronic products conform to electromagnetic requirements?
To reduce the risks of non-conformity during qualification?
To carry out normative or investigative tests?

Since 2003, NEXIO has been supporting Startups, SMEs and large accounts throughout the product development cycle.

NEXIO provides expertise and support for technological choices, design assistance, investigation, numerical simulation, technical documentation and qualification.

Our consultants intervene in your laboratory to carry out alone, in teams or on a platform, testing and laboratory management activities.

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NEXIO commitments in EMC | Lightning | ESD services

Make electronic products compliant with electromagnetic requirements
Benefit from EMC know-how and skills during all phases of the project
Conduct normative or investigative tests
Save project time and delegate EMC management to competent professionals
Reduce EMC costs
Addressing the needs of EMC laboratories

EMC | Lightning | ESD NEXIO Services

We have set up a team of more than 80 technicians, engineers and PhDs, capable of integrating EMC into a project approach, designing and building the EMC of the product or validating the EMC behavior of the product.

We provide expertise and support for technological choices, design assistance, investigation, numerical simulation, technical documentation, qualification…

Who are the services for?

Customers who design, develop and validate products integrating electronics (all levels: components, boards, equipment, subsystems, systems, vehicles) (all sizes: from micro-enterprises to multinationals) (all fields: space, aeronautics, automotive, defense, etc.).


Integrating EMC into a project approach :

Specifications and variations of requirements

Risk analysis

Decrease in the number of tests

Documentary writing (EMHCP, risk analysis, ...)



Our modes of intervention :



Technical support

Design and build the EMC of the product :

Modeling & simulating

Design analysis, review and follow-up


Sizing/choice of protections

Design optimization

Methodological guide

Documentation Writing

Accompaniment to CE marking


Our approach :

Documentary analysis

EMC measurements (classical and near-field)

Prototype analysis

Modeling / Simulation


Validate the EMC performance of the product :

Evaluation / Pre-qualification / Qualification / Investigations

Writing of plans, procedures and reports

Support in the design/validation of test benches and monitoring

Realization of the tests in the Client or NEXIO laboratory

Follow-up and organization of qualifications in external laboratory

Resolution of non-conformities with project teams

Laboratory management: ISO 17025, Planning, Metrology

Our operating modes :

Alone, as a team, on stage

In technical assistance, at a fixed price

From half a day to a long duration

Load adjustment, 2/8, 3/8, weekends

Manage life series :

Impact of modifications (soft, hard, mech, production)

Obsolescence management

Drafting of justification/reconciliation files

Resumption of non-reconcilable trials

Control of drifts in manufacturing

Negotiation / explanation of non-conformities


Nos plus :

EMC measurements (Classical and near-field)





Use cases EMC / Lightning / ESD services

  • Analysis and understanding of product operation and design
  • Analysis and interpretation of non-conformities
  • Additional measures to confirm assumptions
  • Definition of recommendations for corrections/improvements
  • Support during the test phase
  • EMC specifications
  • Support for EMC design of equipment
  • Drafting of qualification documents
  • Definition of harnesses, loads and filters
  • Verification of EMC test benches and software
  • Realization of investigative tests
  • Organization and follow-up of tests in external laboratories
  • Support for the development of new test facilities
  • 6 test facilities ISO 17025 / day, 2*8, 3*8
  • Technical/engineering platform with local manager
  • Adaptation to the load: between 1 and 6 employees per week
  • Document management
  • Lab management support
  • Choice of guidelines/standards
  • Pre-qualification tests
  • Investigations by near-field measurements
  • Recommendations
  • Qualification tests ” CE Marking » 

Why choose us?

Beyond technique and skills, NEXIO is also a demanding HR policy:
- Technical supervision of consultants
- Access to the NEXIO community
- Continuous training of employees
- Strong links with technical and engineering schools