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RF Services

Transform electromagnetic waves and their constraints into added value for our customers.


You must :

  • Develop or integrate products with a radio component
  • Optimize design, consumption, performance and costs
  • Make electronic products RADIO compliant
  • Carry out characterization, normative or investigative tests
  • Develop or integrate products with a radio component

NEXIO brings you expertise and support for technological choices, design assistance, investigation, numerical simulation, technical documentation, and qualification.

We intervene in your laboratory to carry out alone, in teams or on a platform, testing and laboratory management activities.

Our missions are customized from 1 day to several months.

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NEXIO's commitments in RADIO / RF services

Propose the best approach Measurement and/or Simulation
Mastering market tools in order to choose the most suitable one
Pushing back the limits with solutions from our Innovation Pole
Design antennas or systems that meet the constraints of cost, size, performance, consumption, etc.
Integrating EMC into RADIO design choices
Make electronic products comply with electromagnetic requirements
Benefit from know-how and skills in RADIO for all phases of the project up to production
Carry out characterization measurements, investigative or normative tests

Who are NEXIO RADIO / RF services for?

Customers who design, develop and validate products integrating electronics (all levels: components, boards, equipment, subsystems, systems, vehicles) (all sizes: from micro-enterprises to multinationals) (all fields: space, aeronautics, automotive, defense, etc.).


Design, Model and Simulate a RADIO Equipment or System:

Design of antennas, filters, adaptations, ...

Antenna positioning optimization

Definition of the Simulation Strategy and Writing of the Simulation Plan

Preparation of projects (meshing, parameterization of calculations)

Simulation data processing

Use of market-leading software in addition to NEXIO CAPITOLE software

Standard DREP, DRAM

Documentary analysis

Prototype analysis

Modeling / Simulation

Support to RADIO design teams:

Design analysis, review and follow-up

Modeling & Simulation

Design optimization

Recommendations, Impact study

Realization of laboratory measurements: Adaptation, Diagram, Efficiency, Gain,...

Equipment settings and characterization

Recherche de fournisseur

Radio compatibility study (CRE)

Accompaniment RED Directive (European directive 2014/53/EU1), EMC, DREP, DRAM standards


Our modes of intervention :



Technical support

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Validate the RADIO / RF behavior of the product :

Pre-qualification / Qualification / Investigations

Writing of plans, procedures and reports

Support in the design/validation of test benches and monitoring

Realization of the tests in customer laboratory or NEXIO

Follow-up and organization of qualifications in external laboratory

Resolution of non-conformities with project teams

Laboratory management: ISO 17025, Planning, Metrology

Engineering and laboratory management

Nos modes de fonctionnement :

Alone, as a team, on stage

In technical assistance, at a fixed price

From half a day to a long duration

Load adjustment, 2/8, 3/8, weekends

Gérer la vie série  :

Impact des modifications (soft, hard, méca, production)

Gestion des obsolescences

Rédaction des dossiers de justifications/réconciliations

Reprise des essais non réconciliables

Contrôle des dérives en fabrication

Négociation / explication des non-conformités


Nos plus :





RADIO/RF services use cases

  • Antenna modeling
  • Aircraft modeling
  • Simulation plan
  • Calculation of decoupling with simulation software
  • Search for
  • Creation of an antenna model
  • Simulation with HFSS software
  • Parametric study to find the optimum
  • Impedance measurement at VNA
  • Calculation of adaptation circuit
  • Wiring of the adaptation circuit
  • Audit Action
  • Primary source handling/installation on I/F test positioner
  • Configuration of RF bench and RF/meca of the deaf room measurement bases
  • Realization of test campaigns in conduit and radiated primary source antennas.
  • Use of different test means (deaf chamber, near field, radome, network analyzer)
  • SWR and antenna decoupling measurement

Why choose us?

Beyond technique and skills, NEXIO is also a demanding HR policy:
- Technical supervision of consultants
- Access to the NEXIO community
- Continuous Training of Employees
- Strong links with technical and engineering schools
- Link with BAT (test) and CAPITOLE (simulation) product team and the Innovation teams