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Webinar “A tour of reverb tests” US

Do you perform EMC tests in a reverberation chamber? THIS FREE WEBINAR IS FOR YOU:

On this occasion, we will introduce you to the BAT-EMC test automation software.
The webinar will be by GoToWebinar, in live and free by inscription (english version).

Reverb tests on 5 continents with BAT-EMC since 2007!

Tuesday June 29th:

- Eastern Standard Time session (New York) - from 11am to 11:45am


Greg Garza EMC & RF engineer

Webinar "A tour of reverb tests" US

29/6/202111:00am EDT45 minutes
Reverb tests on 5 continents with BAT-EMC since 2007!

• Introduction to reverberation chambers (advantages / disadvantages)
• Presentation of the standards used for reverberation tests (automotive, aeronautic, commercial, military)
• Configuration of EMC tests in BAT-EMC according to the different standards:
- 2 steps of reverb calibration: empty and loaded calibration
- 2 steps in reverb test: calibration on EUT and immunity test on EUT