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Waves of passion that have guided our company year after year to success, thanks to everyone’s commitment!
With electromagnetism as reason for being, NEXIO has been transforming electromagnetic waves and their constraints into added value throughout the world since 2003.
We send “good vibrations” to all those who have supported us over the past 20 years!

Discover the key dates in NEXIO's history

2003 BAT-EMC FR & USA Creation of NEXIO and first premises in the Pépinière d’entreprises in Toulouse. Beginning of activity with the marketing of BAT-EMC, software developed by the founding team from 1995 in partnership with CONTINENTAL. The year begins with a BAT-EMC order from the USA. A good surprise but the export will really start later. First of all, the challenges of the creation, the marketing in France, the development of the BAT-EMC version 3 and its deployment in the biggest French multi-site test laboratory had to be met.
2004 EMC Test Service The beginning of the year started with a failure (a 3-year contract lost for BAT-EMC).

We had to change our plans by accelerating the sales of BAT-EMC to the largest number of people and to launch our diversification with an innovative service offer for EMC testing, first in Toulouse in the space and automotive industries, then in the Ile de France region.

We are hiring our first sales person to develop our activities in France.

2005 NEXIO IDF agency. Engineering in the aeronautical sector is launched with activities around EMC/lightning qualification in the SAFRAN group, on the ETRAS (A380 thrust reverser), TP400 (A400m engine), and SaM146 (SSJ100 engine) projects.
2006 BAT-EMC Germany BAT-EMC is ready for export, this is the objective of the BAT-EMC stress test in Germany, the country of the world’s number 1 in the field and BAT-EMC’s biggest competitor. A big challenge, rich in learning and travel. We won the bet with the help of our first, EMCO, which is still EMCO and hosts our technical customer support for Germany. Since then, Germany is still in the BAT-EMC TOP3.
2007 1st R&D Project – EPEA With the arrival of the competitiveness clusters, collaborative and subsidised innovation is taking on a new dimension as it is more accessible to SMEs. NEXIO embarked on its first collaborative innovation project with the benevolence of EMC experts from major groups. It is the beginning of projects on the near field theme which will last and will lead to the creation of a community and a product. It is the beginning of a concrete and benevolent exchange with the Aerospace Valley cluster.
2008 EMC Simulation Service After Measurement, NEXIO opens a new field: Simulation. NEXIO is participating in the A350 programme, the aircraft that has massively introduced carbon into its structure. For this project, NEXIO brought its expertise on the lightning and ESN modelling of the A350 as well as on the optimisation of the implementation of RF antennas.
2009 1st RAPID – ASEAD First project of RAPID and the beginning of a long collaboration with the DGA, the beginning of NEXIO in the field of RF and RCS simulation software and the beginning of a collaboration with a startup which will become the digital simulation division of NEXIO in 2012.
2009 Measurements ANTENNA Our experience in EMC and our experienced RF consultants enable us to start radio frequency measurements. In the compact INTESPACE base, the antennas of telecommunication satellites pass through our hands to be characterised from all angles. Later, the antennas of TAS and CNES will also be measured by NEXIO technicians and engineers.
2010 Great export prize The great export prize awarded by the Foreign Trade Advisors. A reward for NEXIO’s first years and export success. This prize also recognises NEXIO’s participation in the ecosystem of exporting SMEs and the collective actions led by the CCI, the region, France Export and the competitiveness cluster. In 2011, NEXIO exports to 12 countries and represents 50% of its product turnover.
2011 NEXIO RHA While BAT products are being deployed on the export market, NEXIO Engineering is consolidating its presence in France by setting up in the Rhône-Alpes region. Thanks to a very rich ecosystem, NEXIO is addressing new sectors (nuclear, medical, iot, etc.), developing a range of offers dedicated to start-ups and diversifying its partnerships (UGA, Minalogic competitiveness cluster, etc.).
2012 CAPITOLE-RCS Japon 2012, NEXIO Toulouse moves to its own premises in Toulouse on the current site.

2012 is the year of the creation of the digital simulation software division with external growth. It is the official launch of the CAPITOLE-EM range.

It is the valorization of our investments in R&D in the field of stealth calculation (RCS) with the signature of a first contract of an ongoing series for CAPITOLE-RCS with a major Japanese aeronautical, naval and defence industrial. This contract was also obtained with the support of the DGA.

2013 BAT-SCANNER After a prototype from the EPEA project (2011) and several R&D projects (PCB2, SEISME, LOCRAY, EFT-SAFE) on near-field measurement and its use in modelling, NEXIO designs and markets a fully automated near-field scanner, resulting from years of collaborative R&D with academics, laboratories and industrialists (IRSEEM, IMEP, INSA, LAAS-CNRS, ONERA, ARIANEGROUP, SERMA, STUDELEC, ESEO, AIRBUS, THALES ALENIA SPACE, VALEO, CONTINENTAL, NXP, RENAULT…
2014 50 employees NEXIO fête ses 10 ans avec 50 employés et un CA de 3,5 M€ et 1M€ à l’export. NEXIO a grandi mais reste fidèle à ses valeurs et son domaine : les ondes électromagnétiques.
2015 Subsidiary in the USA NEXIO celebrates its 10th anniversary with 50 employees and a turnover of 3.5 M€ and 1M€ from exports. NEXIO has grown but remains faithful to its values and its field: electromagnetic waves.
2016 BAT-ELEC A new product funded by NEXIO to address the market in a new area: Electrical testing to complement BAT-EMC testing.
2017 CERTIF ISO9001 The processes were in place from the outset without being certified, this certification is a step that has become mandatory to meet the requirements of our customers in France and abroad and the development of our turnover, which is approaching 5 M€ with 70 employees.
2018 COMPETITIVITY AWARD NEXIO is the first winner of the competitiveness trophy created by the Aerospace Valley cluster. This is a reward for NEXIO’s 15 years of continuous growth and recognition of our business activities, expertise and innovation strategy as an electromagnetic wave specialist.
2019 PROJECT Departement NEXIO is relaunching the Projects activity abandoned in 2004. This allows us to make the most of the experience and skills of our Engineering and Software Publishing departments. It also allows us to meet the specific needs of our customers, not covered by products.

Immediate success with 3 projects MAXWELL, MARCEL and MERIEL in the field of defence, radionavigation with measurements and simulation.

2020 20th R&D PROJECT – NEX-UP20th R&D PROJECT – NEX-UP 2020 is marked by the health crisis and the first year with a drop in turnover and a sudden but temporary halt in business. Taking care of people and securing jobs was NEXIO’s first imperative. As far as the business is concerned, NEXIO has taken the decision to act, to bounce back and to invest for the future in R&D and by exploring new ideas and business models. The support of the State and the Region has been of great help with a PASS REBOND and the 20th NEX-UP R&D project of NEXIO within the framework of the Aeronautical Recovery Plan.
2021 QUALIOPI Certification While waiting for an expected recovery, a new certification that highlights the quality of our training activity. A post COVID year saved by exports: thanks to the multinationals who bought our products for their sites in 20 countries! Not putting your eggs in the same basket is always a good idea.
2022 EMC-RF Engineering Office The maturity and experience of our senior consultants are now grouped together in the EMC-RF Design Office, which makes it possible to respond to requests for studies, advice, simulations and support for periods ranging from one day to several months for the projects of start-ups, SMEs and industrialists with the best in measurement, analysis and simulation.

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