48 rue René Sentenac
31300 Toulouse
Tél : 05 61 44 02 47
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The NEXIO Group

is our thing !

Transform electromagnetic waves
and their constraints in terms of added value for our customers.

What we do:

The NEXIO group is today a major player in the field of testing, design and simulation in the field of electromagnetism.

Our vision :

Based on a long-term vision, NEXIO pursues a strategy of continuous innovation and international development. It is now present in more than 25 countries.

Our values :
  • Team spirit, mutual aid, solidarity, listening, respect
  • Ambition, but humility
  • Demanding, but pragmatic
  • Exemplarity
  • Conviviality, Family

Our main activities / our expertise

Testing, Design and Simulation in EMC, Lightning, RF and SER.

13 training themes and more than 50 inter-company sessions

Software for test automation and simulation software

15 collaborative projects since 2008 New products in in-house R&D

Realized by our 3 agencies Midi-Pyrénées, Ile de France and Rhône-Alpes, our services cover the different phases of development of electronic products from technological choices, from assistance to design through investigation, technical documentation, qualification …

On the Test Automation side, NEXIO designs, develops and markets a wide range of Test and Measurement Automation software and innovative measurement systems such as the near-field scanner. Its flagship software BAT-EMC is the leader in EMC automation software in France and on the podium in Germany.

The Electromagnetic Simulation Software division develops and markets the CAPITOLE-EM range, enabling you to study the electromagnetic behavior of your products in order to test your designs before the manufacturing phase.

NEXIO shares its experience and remains at the forefront thanks to an Innovation pole from which our products, technological expertise and methods originate. NEXIO is very involved in collaborative projects supported by the regions, the DGA, OSEO, the Competitiveness Clusters and European projects.

Our locations

NEXIO Occitanie

48 Rue René Sentenac

Tél : 05 61 44 02 47

NEXIO Île-de-France

1 avenue de la Cristallerie
92310 SEVRES

Tél : 01 45 07 28 11

NEXIO Rhône-Alpes

24 rue joseph Fourier

Tél : 06 11 25 19 03

Our test facilities


NEXIO has testing facilities and EMC and Radio laboratories…

In order to guarantee a maximum level of support, NEXIO relies on a multitude of test facilities and a large panel of measuring instruments (its own or partners’ resources). Deployed on all its French sites, this allows NEXIO to cover a wide range of needs:

The test areas :

  • Semi-anechoic chamber
  • Near-field scanner
  • On tables / Floor plans
  • Cells (coaxial, triaxial, TEM)

EMC testing :

  • Radiated emission and ”classical” driving
  • Near-field radiated emission (amplitude and vectorial)
  • Radiated immunity and ”classic” drive
  • Near-field radiated immunity
  • Immunity to electrical transients
  • Immunity to electrostatic discharges

RADIO tests :

  • Spurious
  • Transmitted power (EIRP)
  • Sensitivity
  • Frequency hopping and frequency blocking
  • Spectral occupation

Exposure tests :

  • SAR measurements (Specific Absorption Rate)
  • EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) measurements

EM characterization tests / measurements :

  • Radiation pattern diagram of single or integrated antennas (power, efficiency, gain)
  • Parameters S
  • Impedances
  • Mitigation and Shielding Effectiveness (cables, materials)
  • Transfer impedance
  • Dielectric strength / Continuity
  • Propagation time
  • Reflection coefficient
  • Coefficient of quality of magnetic materials
  • Permittivity / Permeability